Welcome! Bienvenu! Willkommen! Yokoso! This page was created to give an overview of all the different wheels that are or were being made for Minis, or any car with a 4x4" PCD. Ranging from 10" to 13". Since it is hard to get accurate information for almost 500 wheels this page is constantly developing and receives almost daily changes and updates. But I try my very best to change this! Without your help and encouragement this project could not have even been started - MANY THANKS TO EVERYBODY! WITHOUT YOUR HELP, YOUR EFFORT OF SENDING ME PICTURES AND INFORMATION THIS PAGE COULD NOT EXIST! :-)

If you have something which is not listed here or if you can identify any unknown wheel or like to report an error,
fell welcome to mail me at strassenbelag at gmx dot net! I'm always happy to read your e-mails!

If you want to help me covering the costs of hosting, you may do this here:

Following a little technical library which deals with the most important points of suspension geometry. Almost any wheels has a different offset or ET. The ET has quite a big influence on how a car handles and looks. And it has (or better because it has) a big influence on the suspension's geometry.

Some pictures on this site taken from mini-bande Stuttgart, whose pages seem to have gone.

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