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10" hubcaps
1959 hubcap Note the square cutouts. One piece.
Later hubcap Note the round cutouts. One piece.
Innocenti Mini Minor (Mk1, 1967) hubcap
Smal standard hubcap Covers just the middle of the wheel.
Authi hubcap As fitted to Authis. Made of aluminium!
Clubman type
Innocenti (Mk1?) Standard hubcap for italian build Innocenti Minis.
Innocenti 1001/B38 Standard hubcap for italian build Innocenti 1001.
Australian type
Australian Mini 'LE' hubcap
Wolseley Hornet (MkIII) hubcap
Riley Elf (MkIII) hubcap
Benelite hubcap Aftermarked item, propably early 60's.
Australian aftermarket hubcap Aftermarked item from the 60's.
Aftermarket hubcap Aftermarked item, propably 60's or 70's.
Aftermarket hubcap from Italy Aftermarked item, propably 60's or 70's.
Aftermarket 'Turbo' style hubcap Aftermarked item, propably 70's or 80's.
Late type plastic hubcap. Mini HLE, Special, Clubman, ...
Unknown Plastic hubcap. Probably 80s?
Trim 9. Aftermarket item.
Aftermarket item.
Plastic Hubcap From France, sold for trailers and caravans.
10" trims
Trim 1. These rings are mounted under the smal standart hubcaps to give a different look.
Trim 2. Used on Clubman models, together with Clubman type hubcap.
Trim 3.
Trim 4.
Trim 5.
Trim 6.
Trim 7.
Trim 8.
12" hubcaps
Clubman 1275GT, 'Denovo' wheel hubcap.
Mini 25, 1984 First Mini (exept of 1275GT) with 12" wheels.
12" wheels and the 8.4" brake became standart fitment with the Mini 25.
Std. Rover steel wheel centre cap.
Mini, 1980īs Note: this one has a Austin logo in the centre
Mini Special, 1990īs Plain center
Mini Mayfair/Mayfair Sport, 1990īs
Rover standard hubcap
Mini Le and HLE (plus propably others)
Innocenti 90/120L
Chrome center for 12" Rover steel wheels. Held in place by the wheelnuts (special requirement).
Unknown hubcap & chrom ring. Ring maybe from Hilmann Imp?
Mini Metro
MG Metro
NAM6545NN, Metro 1275 Sport
Moon discs Aftermarket item.
You can buy them HERE: