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Forums & Info:

- the magazine for the classic Mini!

Wheel arches archive - List of most common wheels arches, including dimensions - the Australian mini-forum - Very good forum, concerning early Minis and their tuning - home of the turbo charged A-Series - the German mini-forum - the biggest English mini-forum - Speedo calculator. Comes in handy when changing wheel size - handy offset & tyre calculator with visual illustration!

Other wheel resources: - Community & wheels resource - another usefull source for Mini wheels from Sweden - Mad Matts wheels pages, including some steeringwheels. - Mini Stuttgart's Wheels site, contains lots of ET info - Wheel Fitment Guide and huge PCD resource - A page featuring some very rare and unique italian wheels, mostly for Fiat but very interesting! - Huge resource for Campagnolo, Ronal & Cromodora wheels. - Wheels for Fiat 500 & co. - Huge list of wheels for Triumh sportscars - incredibly large wheel guide, alphabeticly listed by manufacturer. - manufacturers of alloy wheels, sorted by country - classic aircooled VW 5x205 wheels - a site from Spain with lots of info - JDM wheels thread - a site with classic japanese wheels! Must see! - does what it says on the tin. Lots of weights for lots of wheels. - detailed VW Golf Mk1 wheel guide - another site with classic air-cooled VW wheels - classic american racing wheels - "Dedicated to the diehard wheel geek". Forum, Info, Community for wheel lovers..

Dealers: - THE lightweight specialist! Titanium suspension & engine parts + super light alloy wheels. - large supplier of all sorts of Mini Spare parts - another large supplier of Mini parts world-wide - another big supplier of Mini parts and wheels - New & 2nd hand parts - the Australian Minispares - Minispeed Germany, supplier of many wheels - new & second hand.

Huddersfield Minispares - another big supplier of wheels - big japanese Mini & parts dealer for both new and classic Mini - the second big Mini company from Japan. Wide range of wheels and repro parts!

Other: - the forum for fuel injected A-Series & K cylinder head conversions

Klarmachen zum Ändern! - infopage for the Reece Fish & co. carbs. - The famous Mini Sprint. History & Archive. - Mark Forster's excellent archiv for early Minis and Accesories, tuning etc. - have a look! - Iron - the web browser of the future!