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NAME AND SIZEOffset (if known)Notes
Early Midget, ?x13"
Early Midget, ?x13"
MG Midget, ?x13" 'Rostyle' design wheel for MG Midget. Fits Mini as well.
Propably needs banding to take the Mini's low profile tyre (as they seem verry smal).
MG Midget, ?x13"
Mini Moke, 5x13"
Sunraysia, 5.5x13" This is the wheel fitted to Mokes from '78 to '79 untill the 1275cc Moke 'Californian' was intruduced which had disc brakes and needed a slightly dufferent wheel to clear the calipers. Compliments from GT mowog in Oz.
Sunraysia, 5.5x13" Disc brake type wheel. Slightly less 'bulbous' spokes, offset is the same. Compliments from GT mowog in Oz!
Peco Star, !?x13"
Weller, 5.5x13"
Weller motorsport, 6x13"
Weller motorsport, 6x13" Note: those have 2 PCDs to fit Mini and Ford.
Plus some minor differences.
Weller, 5.5x13" Different style, not dished like Weller 'Motorsport'.
Weller, 7x13"
Weller, ?x13"
Unknown 24... Weller? Looks different...
Unknown 25. Metro/Mini or Rover 100 series (4x3,75" PDC!)? I found this one in the trunk of a Mini.
Minilite and derivates
Rosepetal, 6x13"
Allycat, 8x13" - ?? 0
Compomotive ML, 8x13" Note: Look like Alleycat, but spokes are more triangular
Carmona, 6x13" - ??
Image wheels, 6.5x13"
Image wheels, 8x13"
KN Minator, 5x13"
KN Minator, 6x13"
KN Minator, 7x13"
Minilite, ?x13"
Minilite, 7x13" New generation w/ flat outer lip, undished.
Minilite, 7x13", deep dish
Panasport Racing, 7x13", deep dish
Performance Superlight, 7x13"
PEG, 6x13"
ROH, ?x13" Not 100% sure if they have the 4x4" PCD
RS Watanabe, 5.5x13"
RS Watanabe 'B Type', 7x13" ET8
Rota 'RB', 8x13"
Sonic, 7x13" Made in AU.
Smoor Roadster, 7x13"
Supersport, 8x13"
ROVER Sportspack, 6x13" ET22 Genuine wheels can easily be identified. They'r marked as 'Rover' on the rear side (part of the cast). Also the manufacturer, 'Speedline', is named there.
Copy of Rover Sportspack wheel, 6x13" ET20
Superlite, 7x13" ET7
Superlight Softline, 7x13"
Two Gates Wheels, 7x13"
Ultralight Extreme, 7x13" -7 Available in antracite, black and silver
Ultralite, 6x13" ET10 Available in antracite, black and silver, various widths
Ultralite, 8x13"
Racing Hart, ?x13"
MWS Minilight, 6x13"
Melber RL92c, 6x13" ET32
VTO 'Classic 8', 5.5x13" From the USA.
BBS/mesh style
100+, 6x13" Not yet sure if the have a 4x4" PCD.
BBS E76, 7x13" Not yet sure if the have a 4x4" PCD.
Mahle / BBS, ?x13" Not yet sure if the have a 4x4" PCD.
Volk Racing, ?x13"
Compomotive, 7x13"
Melber, 6x13" ET13
Rimmstock, 6x13" ET13
Ritter, 6x13"(?)
Rial 5x13"(?)
Claimed as BBS
EXIP Exim, 6x13" ET13
MG Metro, ?x13"
Performance 'Prospoke', 5.5x13"
Compomotive, 6x13" ET13 'Compomotive'stamped to outer rim.
Compomotive, 8x13"
SSR 'Star Formula', 5x13" ET20
SSR 'Mesh', 9x13" ET20
Allycat 'Tornado', 5.5x13" ET12
Allycat, 7x13" -7
Allycat, 8x13"
Allycat, 8x13"
Allycat, 6x13"
AMT Centra, 6x13"
ATIWE, 7x13" ET20
ATS, 5.5x13"(!?) ET20
ATS, ?x13" Might have a 100mm PCD.
Avanti, ?x13"
Azev Typ-E, 7x13" ET11
Braid Serie 5, Classic Concept, 7.5x13"
BWA, 5.5x13"
BWA, 6.5x13"
BSA Racing 187, ?x13"
Campagnolo, 5.5x13" ET19
Cheviot 'Turbo', 6x13" Made in New Zealand, available in 5", 5.5", 6" up to 7". Not all of them have a 4x4" PCD, but some.
Compomotive, ??x13"
Compomotive, ?x13"
Compomotive, 6x13" ET24
Compomotive, 7(?)x13"
Compomotive TH 3pc, 5.5-11x13" Looks very similar to Schmidt TH line.
Centres available in gold, black, silver, black or pewter grey.
Cosmic RW13, 5.5x13" ET27 (1 1/16") Square cutouts, instead of kidney shaped ones.

Picture taken from 1966 Cosmic cataloque at mk1-performance-conversions.co.uk
Cosmic Mk1, 5.5x13" Larger cutouts, vents go down a bit.
Cosmic Mk1, 5.5x13" Ribbed, no 'flat' surface.
Cosmic MkII, 6x13"
Cosmic Ribster, ?x13"
Cosmic? Lega?, 5.5x13" Not entirely sure yet, if available with 4x4" PCD, but assumed.
Made as 5x12" and 3.5&5x10" wheel as well.
Note: Not sure of the actual name, maybe it came from the italian 'cerchi in lega #x##"' and was assumed as brand-name...?

Update: Maybe it is a Cosmic wheel! Any confirmation?
Cobra 'Supaslot', 5.5x13"
Cobra 'Drag Slot T.C.', 7x13" Made for Hillman Imp. Offset might be not suitable for a Mini. PCD is 4x4".
Cragar 'SS', ?x13" Made in the USA. Production stopped about 2000. Though Cragar Wheels is still in buiseness with classic 5 spoke wheels with similar design.
Die-Cal, ?x13"
Dunlop LP92?(?)/D1, ?x13"
John Brown Wheels 'D1', 5.5x13" Copy of the old D1. John Brown Wheels is a brand of Midland Wheels
Delta Mics, 6x13" ET22
Force Racing, 5.5-8.5x13" Weight: 3.4kg for the 7" wide wheel. www.force-racing.co.uk/
Force Racing 'DSY', 5.5-8.5x13"
Force Racing, 5.5-8.5x13" Second design.
Fondmetal, 5.5x13"
FPS, ?x13"
Furmula Jedi, 6x13" Made exclusively for Formula Jedi single seater race cars.
'Camille Gotti Design'/OZ?, ?x13" Not sure, wheter they have a 4" PCD, but assumed.
Gotti 073S, 5.5-10x13" PCD could be ordered from 4x95 to 114.3mm. Not initialy a 4x4" wheel!
Gotti 5T, 5.5-10x13" PCD could be ordered from 4x95 to 120.6mm. Not initialy a 4x4" wheel!
Gotti, 5.5-10x13"
JA Pearce Magna, ?x13" Note: the wheel has multiple PCDs! From the early 70's.
Jensen, 5.5x13"
KN Jupiter, ?x13"
KN Mercury, 6x13"
Team Dynamics 'Super Tourer', 5.5x13
Team Dynamics, 5.5x13", "DTM style"
Mawer, 9x13"
MB Racing magnesium, 6x13"
MG Metro Turbo (early), 5.5x13" This is a radial, non-metric wheel. Featuring 4 smal covers for the wheel nuts.
MG Metro, 5.5x13" There are two versions of this wheel; one being a metric 'TD' wheel for Runonflat tyres (R315 160, Denovo succesor). These wheels have a large single cap to cover both center & wheel nuts.
MG Metro, (5x13") Late MG Metro, fitted 1985-87. Part number NAM5849. Note: Those wheels were used on MG Maestros and probably some other models too. Apparently there are two versions of that wheel: metric and non-metric tyre fitment. It's actually between 12 and 13" (R315x120) at around 12.5" dia.
MAG Product, 5.5x13" Offset probably meant to fit Midget or Hillman Imp in first instance.
Mamba, 6x13" Not 100% sure if it is a 'real' Mamba yet.
Mamba replica, 7x13" This is a replica Mamba wheel sold by MiniMania USA.
Mamba 'Solar', 8-9x13" Offset probably meant to fit Midget or Hillman Imp in first instance.
Maifrini, 5.5x13"
Milano, 8x13"
Momo/Oscam 'Indianapolis', (6?)x13" This wheel was apparently sold by both Momo & Oscam. Though Momo were true pioneers in 'branding'.
OZ, ?x13"
Performance Wheels 'Spitfire', 5.5x13"
Performance Wheels 'Spitfire', 8x13"
Performance wheels [AU], 'Challenger', 5.5x13" Replica of the Globe 'Bathurst' wheel. Read more about it here: www.aus-ford-uk.co.uk/html/wheels.
PLS, ?x13"
PLS Silverstone, 3-10,5x13" -> Free choice of offset, http://www.gillet-felgen.de/felgen/hersteller/pls/silverstone.html
PLS 400a, 5.5x13"
Racing Hart, 5.5x13" DEsigneted for local South African market dual stud pattern, 4x4 and 4x4.5 i.e. Mini and Nissan 1400 ton pickup (based on the old Datsun 120Y) They look similar to the old Opel Kadet Superboss 15 rim.
Revolution RFX, 6x13"
Revolution RFX, 7x13" ET11
Revolution "Motorsport edition", 8x13"
Revolution, 10x13"
Revolution split rims, 8x13"
Revolution split rims, 10x13"
Revolution split rims, 11x13"
Revolite, 7x13"
Rebel, ?x13" Not intentionally for Mini use, but available with 4x4" PCD.
Rial, 5.5x13"
Rota, 5.5x13"
Ronal/Metro Challenge, 6x13" This was the wheel use for the MG Metro challenge cars.
Stilauto 'Pentastar', 6x13" ET10
Shelby Viper, 5x13"
TSW, 5.5x13" ET30
Rial Challenge, 7x13" Various Not initially for use with Mini, but available with 4x4" PCD.
Rimmstock(?), 6x13"
Propably RSL 'Cult', ?x13"
Rimmtech, ?x13"
Schmidt TH Line, 8x13" (or 9.5x13"?) -10(?) 3 piece, from 6-10x13"
Check http://www.felge.de
Spectrum Racing, 7x13"
Split Rims, 8x13"
SuperMini, 7x13" ET2/22 Original design. Available from Sun MOtorsport Iimport Ltd.
Supertrax, 7x13"
Ultralite(??) Superstar, 7x13"
Starmag, 7x13" +6
Compomotive 'Trackstar'/ERA Turbo, 6x13" ET15 The wheel used on the ERA Turbo, made by Compomotive.
Exact lettering: 'TRACKSTAR Made in england 6.0Jx13 D1360 ET15'. Under the centre cap is 'COMPOMOTIVE' cast in. Beware: later wheels did not have the exact lettering as above! ERA's were not equipet with them!
Compomotive(?) 'Trackstar', 6x13 ET22 Seemingly the same as the above ERA wheel, but shows some differences: no manufacturer in the centre and ET22. Lettering: 'TRACKSTAR Made in england 6.0Jx13 ET22*35[38?] D1360[80?]'.
Named "Lux" in Rover catalogue, 6x13 Seemingly the same as used on the ERA Turbo.
But with different center cap.
Believed to be made by Compomotive as well, resp. they made a bunch of this wheels for Rover too.
Same wheel as above This one has a different position for the valve!
SSR Speedstar MkII, 7x13" ET11
SSR Speedstar MkIII, 7x13" ET11
VTO 'Retro 4', 5.5x13" From the USA.
Wolfrace, ?x13"
GKN, 5.5x13" Stock wheel for the Triumph Dolomite Sprint, made by GKN.
Wolfrace, ?x13" Other design...
Wolfrace 'Turbo', 5.5x13"
Western Wheels 'Hurricane'/'Cyclone II', ?x13" Named 'Cyclone II' in the US, 'Cyclone I' had twice as many spokes. Slotted lugs for multi PCD use.
Chevron, 12x13" (yes, 12" wide!) Magnesium centre.
Unknown 6... Weller?
Unknown 8... Centerline? Custom-job? Seen in Japan.
Unknown 9...
Unknown 11... Semms neither Wolfrace nor Performance Wheels.
Found in Portugal.
Rover Metro/100 Series K-Series Metro wheel, so possibly a 3.75" PCD.
Unknown 17... Casting says: "Alloy Mini Wheel [unreadable, something like 'L(?)TB']
Unknown 18... 6x13", multifit. Fits Ford and Mini
Unknown 20... Anyone can shed any light? From Australia...
Unknown 21... Anyone can shed any light? Marked 'German Engineering' on the inside.
Unknown 22... Any information on this?
Unknown 23... Any information on this?
Unknown 26... Any information on this?
Unknown 27... Any information on this?
Unknown 28... No information on this...
Unknown 29... Yet to be identified...
Unknown 30... Yet to be identified. From Japan.